CALL FOR PROPOSALS – Edited Volume “Designing and managing clusters for sustainability”

Announcing an open call for collaborations in the framework of an edited volume “Designing and managing cluster for sustainability”.

Our aim is to understand the role of ‘managed’ or ‘organized’ clusters in the transitions towards sustainability. In contrast to ‘traditional’ approaches in cluster studies, we aim to move forward from the perspective on clusters as ‘geographic concentrations’ of firms, to seeing clusters as organizations of organizations, or ‘context-embedded meta-organizations’. As such, clusters are conceived as deliberate actors within their environments. In times of heightened concerns regarding climate change, we are pressed to find ways to make our societies more sustainable. Seeing clusters as meta-organizations might enable them to make more conscious collective choices, empowering them to become the drivers of change and, at the same time, may allow to hold them responsible for their actions.

However, viewing clusters as ‘organized’ entities suggests a set of novel and yet unanswered questions as
well as theoretical and practical implications for cluster practitioners, academics, and policymakers. This volume aims to develop theoretical insight into the role of ‘organized’ clusters as ‘agents of change’. It also
aims to develop a set of practical frameworks and approaches which can guide the decision- and strategy-making in clusters to enable their transitions towards sustainability. (See the detailed project description attached).

Co-editors: Evgeniya LUPOVA-HENRY (University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland) and Dr Nicola Francesco DOTTI
(Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Next steps and timeframes:
• 8 July 2020 – virtual workshop to present the project and discuss potential contributions (get in touch to register)
• 15 Aug 2020 – abstract submission deadline (approx. 300 words)
• 10 Sept 2020 – Editors’ decision on the chapters and structure
• 15 Sept 2020 – submission of the book proposal to a publisher (potentially Routledge)

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