Call for papers – Transnational Knowledge Relations and Researcher Mobility for Building Knowledge-Based Societies and Economies in the Gulf

Gulf nations are working on transforming their societies and economies from oil and gas-based economies to knowledge-based societies. Ultimately, their goal is to equip their nationals to be in charge of these knowledge-based societies. This effort is clear from the great strides Gulf nations have taken in recent decades to strengthen their capacities in education and research. This workshop will explore the role of transnational knowledge relations through universities, think tanks, international experts, and corporations with an emphasis on promoting the mobility of human capital between the Gulf and the West for developing knowledge-based societies and economies in the region. The workshop will result in an edited book, which will focus on the centrality of transnational networks for intellectual exchange and talent mobility in the Gulf and of the importance of transnational knowledge exchange networks for socio-economic development.

This workshop will explore the intellectual relations and researcher mobility between the Gulf and the outside world with a specific focus on Gulf universities and other relevant actors such as think tanks, professional organizations, government organizations, and business communities.  And, importantly, we are also interested in knowledge networks that connect the Gulf to non-Western organizations, both public and private, in Asia and beyond.

In particular, this panel seeks papers that explore the following sets of questions:

  • What are the actors, universities, government institutions, think tanks, corporations, etc. in the Gulf who contribute to developing local knowledge-based societies and economies?
  • What transnational knowledge networks do these Gulf knowledge actors maintain between themselves and others in Gulf societies?
  • What transnational knowledge networks exist between organizations and individuals in the Gulf and those in Europe, North America, and Asia?
  • How can transnational knowledge networks between Gulf societies and external actors be measured?
  • What forms of knowledge (cultural, natural, social, or technological) flow between these actors in the Gulf and elsewhere?
  • How is knowledge transmitted between the Gulf and external regions in the shape of people, publications, intellectual property rights, capacity building, and investment?
  • What is the role of highly skilled individuals within transnational knowledge networks spanning the Gulf and other regions?  Who are these individuals; what is their background; where do they come from; what roles do they play in the Gulf; and, where do they go after they leave the region?  Do they maintain relations with the Gulf?
  • How do the various labor regimes governing worker mobility affect intellectual exchange?
  • How do GCC policies to develop local talent vary on a case by case basis? Under what conditions do they advance or undermine the development of knowledge-based societies?


The purpose of this workshop is to publish an edited book based on the individual papers presented. To that end the panel directors will send a template that defines how each paper should be structured to the selected participants.

The deadline for submission is February 20th

The conference will take place between August 24th and August 27th 2015 at Cambridge University.

Participants from North America and the Middle East will receive travel allowances of 550 GBP.

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