Central Finland launched Health and Social Care Innovation Initiative “Campus Future Innovation (Campus FI)”

Eleven actors in Central Finland launched a unique effort to promote collaboration among education, enterprise, public and third sector organizations in health and social care. The background of the initiative arouses from Triple Helix concept. Campus Future Innovation (Campus FI) initiative aims at building a globally attractive and competitive Health Village. The mission of initiative is:

to promote the wellbeing of Central Finland’s residents

  • to enhance the quality, overall efficiency and effectiveness of the services delivered
  • to create a high-profile centre of expertise and business cluster for health and social care

Campus FI is committed to strengthening innovation and entrepreneurship focusing especially on preventing healthcare and rehabilitation. Jyvaskyla has versatile education, research and applied know-how on these particular fields. Hence, Campus FI takes a comprehensive view of the population health. It creates the health and social work products of tomorrow in a customer-oriented and multidisciplinary way. At the heart of the Health Village will be an innovation laboratory. This multidisciplinary platform produces practical solutions for challenges of various sizes in the field and supports the ongoing process of renewal of social and healthcare sector in Finland.


Campus FI initiative is based on co-creation process. Campus FI will bring together health and social work professionals, experts of various fields, companies, third-sector organizations and clients to collaboratively overcome challenges and create practical innovations from scratch.

Campus FI isn’t just good for business. It’s good for the future of health care. Together the participating actors will advance rapid translation and market acceleration to fulfill the triple aim -improved population health, quality and cost-effective care as well as vibrant health and social care innovation ecosystem.

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