Becoming a leader: A matter of education?

An International Research and Education Conference on Bachelor Programs in Leadership, Whether Leadership can be Learnt, and Leadership as a Profession

This conference is expected to be a meeting place for all those (both researchers and educators) who are interested in whether or not leadership can and should be learnt at undergraduate/bachelor programs in leadership. Students taking such programs are also welcome to attend the conference, as well as anyone else who has an interest in the issues at stake.
Main theme: undergraduate/bachelor programs in Leadership
• Which are the arguments for/against providing undergraduate/bachelor programs in leadership?
• Which content should such programs have?
• How should such programs be assessed?
• Which pedagogies should such programs have?
• Does the existence of such programs help to make leadership and man-agement more gender equal?
• Should such programs be given on campus or on-line?
• How to reach a balance between theory and practice on such programs?
• Is such an education enough, to start to work as a leader, or is there also a need for experience?
• Does having a bachelor degree in leadership guarantee that you will be a good leader?
Connected themes:
• Can (good/effective) leadership be learnt/taught? (or is good leadership something that you are born with?)
• Leadership as a profession (is it a profession?) should it become a profes-sion?)
• Leadership education, other than undergraduate/bachelor programs, and leadership development (is such education/development more relevant than undergraduate/bachelor programs?)
• Leader succession and recruitment (should one only select those who have taken an undergraduate/bachelor program in leadership? Is there a need to offer alternative careers in organizations to avoid bad leaders?)
• Alternative careers, for those who aspire to make a career but might not be fit for a leadership role


• Research papers (full paper or abstract) on any of the main or connected conference themes
• Presentation material of bachelor programs in leadership
• Ideas, reflections and argumentations connected to any of the main or connected conference theme
Contributions must be submitted by 15th December 2014 at the latest, and should be sent as attached word document to Anders Örtenblad (*email address protected*). Notification of acceptance will be communicated by 15th January 2015 at the latest.

15th December 2014: Final date to submit contributions
15th January 2015: Decision on acceptance will be communicated by
20th January 2015: Early bird registration rate ends
8th April 2015: After this date the preliminary reservation of hotel rooms at the “conference hotel” that the conference organizers have made will cease (which means that you are not guaranteed to get a room there even if you have paid the conference fee)
15th April 2015: Deadline for paying the conference fee
15th April 2015: After this date not any part of your paid conference fee will be repaid in case you will have to cancel your participation
15th June 2015: Pre-conference
16th-18th June 2015: Main conference


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Date15th June – 18th June 2015
LocationUniversity of Nordland, Bodø, Norway
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