Decentralization seminar, Network G9 , Chile

The role of the regions and their universities every day becomes more important for the overall progress of regional and national economic development. In this context and in order to enhance collaboration among the key regional and national stakeholders the Network of Non-State Public Universities (Network G9) of Chile, organizes a “Decentralization” seminar , which seeks to provide a forum for discussion with representatives of public, private sector and actors linked to regional development initiatives in Chile .

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Posted byEmilio Ricci
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InstitutionUniversidad Catolica del Norte UCN
Date24th April 2015, 8,30 am
LocationAuditorio Cincuentenario, Campus San Juan Pablo II
Name of institution/organizationUniversidad Católica de Temuco (Rudecindo Ortega 02950, Temuco)
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