DIGI-GRENT tools and opportunities for digital and responsible entrepreneurship

DIGI-GRENT, acronym for “Digital and responsible entrepreneurship”, is a project funded and supported by the European Commission under the Erasmus + programme. As project partner, ISTUD Foundation and SEERC (THA organizational Memebrs) are involved together with the University of Almeria, the Valencian Federation of metallurgic enterprises, the Greek International Business Association, the University of Lodz and the Foundation for Promotion of Entrepreneurship.

The project is aimed at supporting and backing the European universities in the fine tuning of training paths targeted at developing key competencies for a digital and responsible entrepreneurship, taking advantage from a strict cooperation among the economic actors, the universities and the civil society (the so-called Quintuple Helix).

DIGI-GRENT foresees a preliminary phase in which the key competencies to be developed will be identified, as well as an operative phase for the planning and delivery of 3 pilot training events and the setting up of vitual tools and VLE for digital learning.

The pilot trainings will be marked out by the active involvement of all the actors of the Quintuple Helix (students or graduates, academic professors, political actors, environmental and technological associations, investors, managers and members of the civil society) and will last 5 days each. Traditional training sessions on different topics (Eco-friendly digital business models, Digital trends and digital security, Bridging investors, Business Angels and Digital & Responsible startups, Pitching strategies for digital & responsible entrepreneurs…) and co-creation working phases in small groups will be the distinguishing trait of these events, named TCCP (Transnational Co-Creation Pitchings).

The main outputs of the project will be:

  • A skill taxonomy, pointing out skills and capabilities required for effectively promoting digital and responsible entrepreneurship.
  • A toolkit, developed under the principles of open innovation and aimed at making the final beneficiaries acquainted with the Quintuple Helix approach with the aim to co-create new digital and responsible business ideas.
  • A Virtual Learning Environment, conceived for collecting and sharing case studies, training materials and “new business ideas” which will be co-created during the pilot events.




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