DIGIGrent is moving online its training activities


DIGI-GRENT, acronym for “Digital and responsible entrepreneurship”, is a project funded and supported by the European Commission under the Erasmus + programme and aimed at supporting and backing the European universities in the fine tuning of training paths targeted at developing key competencies for a digital and responsible entrepreneurship.

As such, the project foresees three training events based on the interactive methodology of trans-national co-creation pitching (TCCPs). The first one was succesfully held in Thessaloniki in 2019 (September 30th – October 4th) on the occasion of the Triple Helix International Conference. Subsequently, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, making impossible the delivery of live training sessions, resulted in the review of project agenda which has been re-arranged as follows:

  • 2 remaining TCCPs, originally foreseen in Almeria (ES) and Lodz (PL), will be held online, making use of the Zoom web-conference platform, allowing a proper interaction among participants and the creation of working groups.
  • The second TCCP, originally planned in Almeria, will be re-articulated as follows:
  1. Theoretical online sessions: November 30th – December 4th. Each day will be delivered a 1 hour ½ training on the originally identified topics: Startups, social awareness, and the triple bottom line in the digital era; Digital policies; Bridging Investors, Business Angels and Digital & Responsible startups.
  2. Co-creation pitching sessions: December 10-11th (two full days).

In order to recover the time lost during the Covid-19 emergency, the period for the fulfillment of the still missing activities will be extended of six months, until February 2021. In the meantime, project training materials, including slides sets and Methodology Pack, will be reviewed in order to encompass instructions and suggestions for the online delivery of training activities.

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