Encouraging the Triple Helix in Rio Grande do Norte, 29th Feb 2016, Brazil

The Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, located on Rio Grande do Norte state, Northeast of Brazil organized on February, 29 2016 a lecture “Encouraging the Triple Helix in Rio Grande do Norte”.

At the opening ceremony Prof. Mariana Rodrigues de Almeida, professor from Industrial Engineering School,  introduced the meeting objective, being those of getting together students, innovation researchers, representatives of incubators and TTOs, industry executives and policy makers to discuss how the university can contribute to the regional economic and social development.

After the opening Mariza Almeida, THA Vice-president introduced how the Triple Helix of university-industry-government interactions and the entrepreneurial university contribute to enhance innovation and promote new organizational arrangements fostering the economic development at local and national level.

The event was supported by the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service  (SEBRAE) in order to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation inside the university.

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