Feria del Mar Antofagasta 2018

The “Fair of the Sea” organized by the “Multicell Project of Social Innovation” of the Catholic University of the North – UCN, has devised a sociocultural event that arises under the “World Bodyboard Championship: Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival 2018”, which wishes to generate a space for dissemination, protection and development of the coastline; connecting all citizens – in all their ages – to understand and recover the legacy of the original peoples of the coastal coastline of the “Mare Nostrum”

“Gathered around the scarce water sources of the coast, their base of subsistence was the fishing and the collection of maritime products, for which they used rafts of skin of marine wolf. Very simple in their social organization and with the limited means of subsistence offered by their environment, the monkeys survived until the mid-nineteenth century, when the establishment of the nitrate industry in the region ended up completely disrupting their way of life “.

The Fair, will promote a multicultural platform of a pleasant time of participation that includes fun and entertainment, participation in sports games, culinary tasting, workshops and reflection talks for visitors of all ages.



This fair has a primary objective, the promotion of the culture of the sea linked to the protection of biodiversity, the tutelage of the “Maritorio” of the City of Antofagasta:

  • Promoting the culture of Sea.
  • Promoting the sustainable development of activities in the coastal area.
  • Promoting productive diversification and “special interest tourism”.
  • Showcasing Social Innovation projects.
  • Encouraging sports and recreation.


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