Fondazione ISTUD presented the final results of the Lea@d3.0 project at the EFMD Executive Development Conference 2017 in Milan

On 19th October, Fondazione ISTUD presented the lessons learned from the Le@d Academy 3.0  experience, in underpinning the design and delivery of corporate and executive education blended programs for e-leadership at the session OERs and Online Collaborative Learning for e-leadership and Personalized Executive Education – the case of Le@d Academy3.0, of the EFMD Exectuive Development Conference in Milan.

The Digital Revolution is changing the way individuals seek out and benefit from training experiences. The “learners” are in the position to access what they need from the web and when It is useful to them, progressively becoming autonomous and self-determining concerning their learning. These learners are losing their interest in the traditional “on the shelf” training programs which are proposed by corporate L&Ds and are unable to respond to the new need for the “Just for Me” and the “Just in Time”. 

The keywords of this revolution are Web 3.0, Open Educational Resources, Online Learning and Community of Practice. Never until now L&D Units had an interest in understanding how to turn these words into effective training projects, which can integrate the traditional class-based methods and respond in a targeted and personalized way to the needs of the learners, particularly in executive education. 

Starting from this need, the Le@d Academy 3.0 project has developed an effective training model combining the web and the information technologies with the value of the classroom, achieving to offer an engaging, pervasive and personalized executive education experience.

The Final presentation  is available for download.


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