The IV Global Entrepreneurship University Metrics (GEUM) Workshop is being organized as a virtual event, February 24 to 26, 2021, in the virtual model, broadcast by YouTube. The event is organized by Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Triple Helix Association and International Triple Helix Institute.

The IV Global Entrepreneurship University Metrics (GEUM) Workshop is part of a series of international events organized with the objective of discussing a pioneering research theme, considered as a gap in the production of knowledge by entrepreneurial universities: indicators for evaluating activities focused on entrepreneurship in these institutions.

This workshop is part of an international research project “The Global Entrepreneurial University Metrics Initiative (GEUM)” proposed and conducted by Professor Henry Etzkowitz under the umbrella of Triple Helix Association, in partnership of International Triple Helix Institute, which has been bringing together academics, policy makers and experts in the university-industry-government interaction for several years to discuss the indicators directed to evaluate entrepreneurship indicators to universities.

In Brazil, this research project, denominated “Proposal and Validation of Entrepreneurial University Indicators” (E26/010.001846/2015), is supported by FAPERJ (Carlos Chagas Filho Foundation for Support to Research in the State of Rio de Janeiro), an agency that fosters science, technology and innovation in the state of Rio de Janeiro, under Faperj Notice n° 15/2015 – Support Program for Educational and Research Institutions based in the State of Rio de Janeiro – 2015.

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