The Greek Chapter in Qatar

The President of the THA Chapter of Greece (Prof Panayiotis Ketikidis) together with Dr Adrian Solomon participated during 22-23 October 2017 at high level meetings with stakeholders from Doha, Qatar. The aim of these meetings was to trigger the identification of the most important triple helix actors from Qatar and to set-up the strategy for organizing the 11th International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development (ICEIRD) from 29-31 October 2018, Doha, Qatar. ICEIRD2018 will feature triple helix oriented sessions and workshops aimed at raising awareness of the necessity of such collaboration for sustainable development. Some of the key stakeholders that have been involved in the early-stage discussions are: University of Qatar College of Business and Economics (CBE), Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA), Qatar Business Incubation Center (QBE). CBE is the local host of ICEIRD2018 while QTA is the main supporting partner. More information about this opportunity will be maide available soon on ICEIRD’s website (

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