The THA Greek Chapter at the THC2018

The THA Chapter of Greece is preparing the organization of a workshop on responsible research and innovation (RRI) during the XVI Triple Helix Conference (5-8 September 2018, Manchester, United Kingdom). RRI is an attempt to connect innovators with society, with responsibility towards the innovation design, co-creation and implementation by leveraging: quadruple helix stakeholder engagement, gender equality, open science, open access, ethics, science education and governance).

This workshop comes under the context of the FIT4RRI project (EU funded) in which both the THA and THA Greece are taking part by providing key expertise in relation to the organization of RRI experiments with quadruple helix stakeholders. An initial research from FIT4RRI shows that RRI is powerful and very interesting to researchers, industry, policy makers and society, however, RRI is extremely broad in scope (very generic). Consequently RRI is defined and implemented in many different ways which prohibit proper monitoring and standardisation. As well, some of the key blockers of successful RRI implementation are: lack of legislation, lack of resources and knowledge, social barriers, misaligned incentives, etc.

Prof Panatiotis Ketikidis and Prof Emanuela Todeva will lead this workshop in which quadruple helix stakeholders will be invited to an open debate about the necessary governance settings shift and institutional change management involved by the successful implementation of RRI across all organizational layers.


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