IBIT-ITALY Behavioral Insights team kicked off

On September 28th 2020 in Rome the Italy Behavioural Insights Team (IBIT) has been presented to the representatives of Ministries and State Agencies of the Italian Government.


IBIT is the Italian Government team  born inside Dipartimento della Funzione Pubblica (Ufficio per la  Valutazione della Performance) of the Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri, to supply behavioural analyses and proposal to strenghten wellbeing and performances of civil servants and member of Public Administrations, and to improve their public services and policy making.

The IBIT is lead by Prof. Riccardo Viale, THA Secretary General.

It will focus mainly on:

  • Organizational Citizenship Behaviour: strengthening among civil servants the motivations to cooperate and the engagement to the generation of public goods.
  • Well Being: increasing the dimensions of subjective well being and crowd-in inside the Public Administration.
  • Behavioural Government: improving and debiasing the decision making inside the government organizations.
  • Nudging and Boosting the relationships between citizens and Public Administration.



Riccardo Viale (Scientific Head),

Silvia Felletti, Davide Pietroni, Flavio Urbini (Experts),

Marco De Giorgi (Director UVP), Rosaria Giannella, Antonio Affuso, Sveva Batani, Gianfranco Becatti (Members of UVP)



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