II University Cities Forum – Leveraging University Vitality for Urban & Regional Development

November 30th – December 2nd 2017 – National Research Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Siberia, Russia

Join a unique and lively event. Learn more through high-potential expert discussions, public interviews, author presentations, cross-disciplinary workshops and collaborative foresight sessions. Contribute to build advanced models, action plans and projects to leverage academic and creative vitality and spur innovations and economic growth.

Our special track “University in the new urban economy” addresses the university’s role in the development of a new economy in a city or a region. The track participants will include experts in the field of urban and technological development, cluster policy experts, representatives of universities, municipal and regional authorities and representatives of business. The track events engage in the discussion how the university contributes to the development of the new urban economy as well as the best initiatives and practices of the university city transformation. Key issues for discussion enhance the following topics:

  • how to build university-industry-government cooperation on urban development;
  • how to transform the campus of the university into a place of attraction for companies and a new type of urban environment;
  • how to create a consensus space for developing and implementing joint initiatives of universities, business and government;
  • how to jointly manage the transformation of the urban economy.

The track events will be held in the format of workshops and panel discussions and will enhance the interactions of the triple helix actors in the course of unfolding a new urban economy. The framework for discussing cases, practices, mechanisms and tools to transform the campus of a smart city into a new economy could be:

  • clusterization and localization of the economy;
  • agents and leaders of the new economy transformation;
  • triple helix actors partnerships for a new economy;
  • institutional transformation of the university and its new role.

This track is organized as one of the events of the THA thematic research group Triple Helix Actors, Governance and the Region

Also, for more details about participation in the Forum, you can contact our THA member Liana Kobzeva, the Forum’s Head of the Organizing Committee and the director of the track “University in the new urban economy”, at *email address protected* .

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