III GEUM Workshop, Brazil: main outcomes

On December 12 at University of São Paulo, São Paulo Brazil, a Seminar about Entrepreneurial University linked with the Global Entrepreneurship University Metrics (GEUM) took place at the Institute of Advanced Studies of the university. The event was an initiative of Nucleus of Policy and Technological Management  coordinated by Professor Ary Plonski from the School of Economics, Business and Accounting, also known as FEA-USP.


The Entrepreneurial Universities Observatory  was presented by professor Ary Plonski and Daniel Pimenta Neves, student of the Master’s Degree in Complex Systems Modeling will be a collaborative space of knowledge production, exposition of inspiring cases presentation and a hub to connect scholars and practitioners interested the development of research and practice about entrepreneurial university. Its focus is the growing interest and search for active forms capable of dynamizing the interface between university institutions and their socioeconomic environment.

Prof. José Eduardo Krieger, Provost for Research at USP pointed out the relevance of the entrepreneurial university due to the necessity of the university contribute to the society and also the importance of USP  create mechanism to continuous attract the best Brazilian students in order to maintain the leadership in research and education in the country.

Marino Hilário presented the new study about the Panorama of USP startup that was developed based on big data methodology matching two databases: Alumni-USP and Junta Comercial de São Paulo, an organization that join information about creation of all the companies established in São Paulo State. They founded that 31,377 of the former students launched a company that is equivalent to 17,21% of all the students that concludes undergrad, master of PhD courses in the university.

The Brazilian University Index – 2017 was presented by Klynsmann Bagatine, vice president of Brasil Junior (association of Brazilian junior enterprises). The index and the associated ranking were prepared by pro-entrepreneurship students’ organizations and is basend on six 6 axes – Entrepreneurial Culture, Innovation, Extension, Infrastructure, Internationalization, and Financial Capital. Data gathering involved consulting more than 10,000 Brazilian university students to assess the characteristics of entrepreneurial universities.

The Global Enterpreneurial University Metrics was presented by Mariza Almeida, professor of Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro and vice-president of the Triple Helix Association covering the evolution of the internacional project and the Brazilian study “Proposition and Validation of Entrepreneurial University Indicators”.

She pointed out that the quality education system approved by the Minister of Education doesn’t include indicators directed to evaluate that entrepreneurial dimension of the universities similarly that the GEUM’s findings related to the international university rankings. The survey conducted with 119 Brazilian Universities with qualitative and quantitative questions received a total 40 answers and allowed to evaluate the level of entrepreneurial activities based on some variables, like the stage of the implementation of the intellectual property policy, entrepreneurship courses, number of patents applications, social entrepreneurship and revenues from industry interaction.


Daniel Pimenta Neves, Marino Hilário, Mariza Almeida and Klynsmann Bagatine

The Audience

Professor Ary Plonski and Prof. José Eduardo Krieger, Provost for Research


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