Innovation in Sport

A research project “Innovation in Sports – a study of innovation in Brazilian technology based companies: incubated academic spin-offs” has been awarded by The Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) to the following Professors of Brazilian universities – Rio de Janeiro State University – UERJ and Federal University of the Rio de Janeiro State – UNIRIO: Branca Terra (coordinator); Henrique Martins Rocha; Mariza Almeida; Luiz Alberto Batista; and André Ribeiro de Oliveira,

The general objective of the project is to evaluate the innovation degree of the sporting goods developed by twenty academic spin-offs small companies in the Brazilian market.  Specifically, the objectives are: a) expand the mapping of products and services of Brazilian spin-offs; b) analyze the trajectory of the introduction of products on the market, companies spin-offs identified in the previous study in order to evaluate the strategy, obstacles, threats and opportunities; c) propose an academic infrastructure to accelerate business opportunities identified inside the university, and in Brazilian institutions to become partners in this research; d) strengthen the masters and doctorate courses in physical education offered by the UERJ, creating a research area in innovation area; and e) identify the innovation degree of the sporting goods developed by these small companies in the Brazilian market.

We are looking for partnerships around the world to collaborate on the research and to conduct knowledge exchange.  If you are interested, further information can be obtained from the project coordinator, Professor Branca Terra, Rio de Janeiro State University *email address protected*.


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