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Prof Panayiotis Ketikidis (President of the Triple Helix Association Chapter of Greece) participated during 18-22 September 2017 at a “train the trainers” event and triple helix-society discussion on the co-creation of digital entrepreneurship training materials for startups in Izmir, Turkey. These activities are part of the iSTART project (an Erasmus+ funded transnational collaboration,  2016-2019) which pilots an open co-creation approach towards digital entrepreneurship knowledge development by organizing short academies in which all the relevant stakeholders are being brought together. The role of the triple helix model is vital to ensure a proper market integration of digital entrepreneurship and it is important that future entrepreneurs get accustomed with the specifies of this model in order to overcome any potential obstacles in their pathway to startup success. iSTART is an extension of the STARTIFY7 project (H2020, 2015-2016) which organized intensive startup academies across Europe and brought on-board investors towards moderating the startup concepts and ensuring potential funding. More details:,

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