Join the 2017 EFMD Executive Development Conference

Technology has changed the way we work and learn. Companies and executive development providers alike are faced with digital transformation, bringing with it opportunities but also challenges.

Is your institution ready?

The EFMD’s 2017 Executive Development Conference will take place from 18-20 October 2017 at Politecnico di Milano School of Management (MIP) in partnership with IBM.

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In just shy of 2 days, you will have the opportunity to:
• Learn about emerging technologies and top trends in the industry
• Discuss the impact of digital transformation on the future of learning in executive education
• Explore specific examples of technology that can be useful for executive education professionals
• Discuss companies’ expectations towards business schools in preparing executives for digital transformation

Share your knowledge and experience and exchange ideas with over 100 delegates from executive development companies, alternative providers and business schools.

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