The Triple Helix Association – Chapter of Greece participated to the 6th Multi-Conference on Innovation and Development

Mr. Stavros Mantzanakis, Vice-President of the Triple Helix Chapter of Greece, participated in the 6th Multi-Conference on Innovation & Development that was held on June 6th in Xanthi. The aim of the conference was to award a prize to the companies which have contributed to the development of the region.
During the conference, Mr. Mantzanakis focused on the Triple Helix and the way it can affect the society and economy of Greece.
In particular, in his speech he emphasized that the key to success of Triple Helix is the way Universities-Market-Government interact. Each of these elements/parties can be modified in a way that will allow them to cooperate more effectively and constructively. In addition, he argued that the transformation of academic models into practical achievements, as well as the international cooperation within the research community and businesses, can provide a common discussion framework for the stakeholders involved, so that they could:
– play a decisive role in the regional development of Greece and South-East Europe;
– enhance the dynamics of innovation;
– encourage and support entrepreneurship; and finally
– fight against the ‘brain drain’ caused by immigration of scientists abroad.

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