Re-launch of the Special Issue on Institutions, Intermediation and Triple Helix Relationships

Guest Editors: Emanuela Todeva, Henry Etzkowitz,

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Call for Papers

From in-between agents to brokers that bring together seekers and providers of goods, information, money, etc., the role of intermediaries has evolved around facilitators that match partners, shape, frame and provide identity to all parties in the market place. The Triple Helix framework accounts for the emergence of new intermediation formats of interactions among the helices such as the classic case of the venture capital firm, the contemporary accelerator, incubator, or the knowledge transfer office.

This call for papers solicits contributions that address the challenges of governance, innovation and intermediation in the Triple Helix model of entangled government – industry – university. We would like to receive contributions that address the role of institutions in the governance of innovation and the role of intermediary actors that shape the industry-university landscape and provide funding, regulatory, or legal and management services.

This special issue of the Triple Helix Journal will focus on the following issues:

  • intermediary actors and processes;
  • brokerage, bridging and third party activities;
  • intermediation, governance and orchestration of relationships;
  • intermediation in triple helix stakeholder engagement
  • types of intermediation channels and activities

Participants are invited to address the intermediation theory and practice from a particular disciplinary perspective and/or a specific case of facilitation, intervention intermediation or orchestration of university-industry-government interactions.

Contributions may focus especially, but not exclusively, on the following questions:

  • Who are the actors mediating in regional development projects and how do these actors mediate between infrastructures, nature, urban spaces, regulators, providers and consumers?
  • How diplomacy and orchestration are practiced within the Triple Helix model
  • How intermediaries govern in sociotechnical networks?
  • What intermediations take place in urban development?
  • What is the role of institutional intermediation in stakeholder engagement?
  • What are the trade-offs in intermediation?
  • Can transparency be achieved in intermediation, orchestration and brokerage?
  • How intermediaries deal with ‘conflict of interests’, and deliver ‘good value-for-money’?

This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to a new emerging field!


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