Rio Meeting of the Global Entrepreneurial University Metrics initiative (GEUM) Brazilian team

The Brazilian team of The Global Entrepreneurial University Metrics initiative (GEUM) organized a meeting  in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on November 22nd 2016, with the objective to discuss the implementation of the awarded research project “Proposition and validation of Entrepreneurial University indicators” in the country.

The event gathered researchers and students from six universities from four states: State University of São Paulo, Federal University of Minas Gerais, State University of Rio de Janeiro, Fluminense Federal University, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte and Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro.


The meeting started with a panel discussion chaired by Prof. Henry Etzkowitz, President of Triple Helix Association (THA) and International Triple Helix Institute (ITHI) concerning the entrepreneurial university main characteristics and importance of the project in developing a university ranking system to evaluate and assist entrepreneurial and innovative universities’ development worldwide.geum1

Guilherme Rosso, RedeCsF (the Sciences without Borders Alumni Network) presented the preliminary results of GEUM’s project “Grassroots student-led entrepreneurial university ranking in Brazil”.

Following, Mariza Almeida introduced the Brazil’s system of higher education assessment in Brazil.



In the second part of the meeting the team discussed the methodological aspects of the research. geum2Considering the characteristics of Brazilian universities’ entrepreneurial activities the group decided to include indicators from technological and social entrepreneurship. The group of metrics was divided in inputs, processes / throughputs, outputs and outcomes/ impact.

A new meeting will be organized in April/2017 to analyze the data collected from universities and the case studies that will be devised.


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