SATHA April activities and results

8th Invention to Innovation Summit

South Asia Triple Helix Association (SATHA) is proudly announcing that it has successfully organized the 8th Invention to Innovation Summit on the 2-3 April 2019 hosted by the University of Punjab in collaboration with University of Management and Technology, Lahore addressed to exhibit industry-driven ideas, products and technologies in Pakistan. The event attracted a great number of participants from academia, industry and government.


SATHA Publishes Annual Directory of Entrepreneurial Leadership

South Asia Triple Helix Association (SATHA) has recently launched its annual directory of the entrepreneurial leaders of Pakistan entailing 10 of the most influential academics of Pakistan with significant impact on both society and industry. Scientists have been carefully selected through structured interviews as product of the remarkable and endless efforts by the authors Mr Rahmat Ullah and Dr Rashida R Zohra. For the list of selected academics and further information, please visit the following website.


SATHA launched Innovation Award & Networking Dinner

In the frame of the recently organized Innovation Award hosted by SATHA held on the 2 April 2019 in the premise of the University of Management and Technology, SATHA has awarded 13 substantial developments and commercially viable technologies. SATHA Innovation Award has brought together key representatives of the universities of Punjab Province of Pakistan, corporate representatives and civil servants. We hereby congratulate to the Award winners:

  • Rabia Argham on behalf of Sialkot start-up (increasing women and young graduates access to internet-based technologies);
  • Farhan Wilayat Butt on behalf of the Pakistan Peacekeeping Mission (launching the Sindh Water Relief Project addressed to dig new water-wells as well as repair & restoration of existing closed water-wells in the desert areas of Tharparkar)
  • Huzaifa Ahmad on behalf of the RIZQ Foundation (establishing a portfolio of innovative products and services designed to address the needs of all the actors in the food giving ecosystem to fight against hunger together)
  • Muhammad Saqlain Akhtar on behalf of the National Textile University Faisalabad (applying fish skin and chitosan bandage for increased healing of wounds and reduction of the irritation of patient)
  • Aiman Urooj on behalf of National Textile University (creating compression bandages for hypertrophic scars treatment)
  • Muhammad Rehan Younas on behalf of University of Sialkot (serial entrepreneur delivering complex services of public benefit)
  • Hafiz Muhammad Mohsin on behalf of University of the Punjab (delivering alternative solution to plastics and foamed plastic waste management and re-use)
  • Dr Hamid Malik on behalf of Induss Corporation
  • Zahid Tauqeer Ahmad on behalf of UMT,Lahore (establishing affordable construction technologies for soling housing problems)
  • Dr Tayyab Husnain on behalf of PU, CEMB, Lahore (exploring new ways of producing cotton seed produces plants that are productive and resilient to environmental conditions)
  • Imrana Mushtaq
  • Ambreen Salahudin
  • Amna Mufti


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