SATHA launched the Innovation Awards and Networking Dinner 2016

SATHA organized an Executive Dinner for 5th SATHA Innovation Award held on March 2-3, 2016 in University of Management and Technology.

The dinner included the ceremony for the Innovation awards to the most promising and commercially viable technologies form Academia and Industry.

The SATHA Annual Innovation Award is designed to acknowledge individuals and organizations making socioeconomic impact through innovative solutions.

30 Innovation awards will be given on the basis of the assessment of the novelty and  commercial viability of the proposed technologies. Universities, industrial sector and civil service officers will be invited to take part in the competition for the SATHA Innovation Awards.

Next SATHA Innovation Awards are going to be held in Quetta in first week of May, 2016. Activities regarding preparation of upcoming event include: collection of commercially viable indigenous developments, having social and Economic impact over society, searching for Innovations and Developments in academia, industry and Govt. Sector, arranging for valuable/successful case studies to be shared in SATHA Innovation Award Ceremony.

This regular activity is going to be conducted four times a year in four provinces of Pakistan. This initiative intends to  raise awareness on the importance of  S&T  in Pakistan.

SATHA is playing a crucial role in making a way for scientists, industry and Govt. sector to work together in this regard.

Till 2017, we will launch South Asian Awards in South Asia

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