SATHA successfully delivered the Annual Innovation Summit 2020 Online

The collaboration between industry and the academic world has always been an important but complex topic. Due to the rapid evolution of the business environment and the vast transformations throughout the academic realm, the subject is now even ‘hotter’ than it has ever been. Efforts were being made to utilize capabilities of educators and researchers. Partnership among industries and universities is a two-way process where academic partner or universities work and benefit with established businesses in different ways. The innovation done in the universities, catching huge attention and demand from industries, will leads to improved and diversified economic activities and market development of any country. To achieve this objective Global Innovation Summit 2020 was organized on September 18-19 under the umbrella of South Asia Triple Helix Association & IRP with the Collaboration of Bahria University, Riphah Institute of Public Policy and University of Sialkot with the vision to contribute the world through its R&D activities so that Academics, Scientists, Social scientists, experts, practitioners, Government representatives, private sector and civil society may share their expertise and deliberations to explore the ways and means to address the challenges associated with COVID-19 era and work out viable solutions for the socio-economic revival of the World.

The Global Innovation Summit Includes,

  • Presentation of viable 100+ technologies through technical sessions
  • Virtual exhibition of academic & industrial innovative models/products/technologies/startups
  • Policy talks and panel discussions on different topics related to COVID 19
  • 10+ technical sessions were organized by partners of Innovation Summit
  • 50+ international speakers, Pakistani politicians and Industry experts have participated in this virtual summit.

and focus on the following themes

  • Policy Talks on S&T-01: Addressing the State, Science and Society Gaps
  • Technology Presentation
  • Policy Talks on S&T-02: Entrepreneurial Universities to Address COVID 19 – Policies, Incentives and Government Challenges
  • Panel Discussion-01: Technology Exchange across BRI Network: Open Science to Address COVID 19
  • Policy Talks on S&T-03: Traditional Medicine for COVID 19: Policy and Governance of Alternative Therapeuticare
  • Networking Meetings
  • Competition

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