TH Greek Chapter supports the Resilient Thessaloniki initiative

The President of the THA Chapter of Greece (Prof Panayiotis Ketikidis) provided advice for the Resilient Thessaloniki initiative in terms of drafting the road-map towards a smart and resilient Thessaloniki via inclusive co-creation among the relevant triple helix actors. The strategy (which can be accessed here) has at its basis four main pillars:

  • shaping a thriving and sustainable city;
  • co-creating an inclusive city;
  • building of a dynamic urban economy and responsive city; and
  • re-discovering the city’s relationship with the sea.

Prof Ketikidis provided advice related to making the triple helix infrastructure more cohesive and sustainable in the context of the bottom-up approach (society driven) promoted by the strategy. The role of triple helix co-creation towards fostering entrepreneurship and regional competence-led growth is seen as one of the key enablers of a resilient Thessaloniki.

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