THA recruits members for consultancy in EU funded projects

The Triple Helix Association is looking to recruit new skills and research capabilities in the field of Quadruple Helix interactions for  Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and Open Science (OS). Following the successful European bid “FIT4RRI – Fostering Improved Training for Responsible Research and Innovation”, the THA is now forming a team under the leadership of Professor Emanuela Todeva to undertake the task of developing the methodology for experimental research of internal + external quadruple helix co-creation on RRI and OS in a sectoral context.

We will be undertaking this task in a consortium of 13 partners which collectively will observe directly the RRI and OS in action, i.e. social, cultural and organisational dynamics, activated by the experiments, that mobilises internal and external stakeholders. The aim of the experimental research is to generate direct knowledge on RRI-related processes including, e.g. RRI general trends, barriers to and drivers of RRI, the interests and values of stakeholders involved with RRI, or feasibility and transferability conditions of RRI advanced practices.

We are looking for 2 experts in the field of Quadruple Helix interactions case studies elaboration. Experts will be asked to prepare 1 or maximum 2 in depth case studies each, related to European cases of Quadruple Helix interactions for Responsible Research and Innovation. The case studies should be prepared in the period between  October 2017-February 2018.  THA members will have priority in application whilst non-members will be required to join the THA as members prior to any appointment and contract.

The remuneration will be of maximum EURO 2000 – subject to requirements and contributions.
For more information on the tasks please contact Dr. Emanuela Todeva.
To submit an application – please, e-mail your CV to Mrs Maria Laura Fornaci  by 15th September   and indicate your expertise in the following categories:

  • Overall background and experience in research and/or practice of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), Public engagement, Open Access, Gender Equality, Ethics, Science education, Governance, and Open Science (OS)
  • Experience in research and/or practice in the field of knowledge transfer and the knowledge economy
  • Experience in previous EU projects, including methodology, empirical investigation and implementation
  • Proven experience in case study elaboration
  • Work experience in a European member state
  • Current location

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