THA Russian Chapter opening event at MSU

The Economics Faculty of Moscow State University organized from 14 to 19 December 2015, the Innovation Week, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Department of Economics of Innovation.

During the six days event 200 experts and representatives of higher education institutions discussed the model of interaction of science and business at the universities, as well as their role in the implementation of the National Technology Initiative (NTI), whose aim is technology leadership of Russia in 2035.

The event was supported by the Russian Venture Company (RVC), business incubators Moscow State University Science Park of Moscow State University, School of young entrepreneur EF MGU, InnovationStudio, company CENTER-GAME, Center bioeconomy and eco-innovation EF Moscow State University, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the City of Moscow.

At the opening ceremony Prof. Ivashchenko Natalia , Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University and head of the department of economics of innovation expressed the hope that the Innovation Week will become a good platform for the Russian partners for the promotion of knowledge development and spillover from Universities to the regional innovation system.

The opening was followed by the round table discussion  “The role of universities in the implementation of STI ” , where has been discussed the image of the university , working in the interests of STI . The key topics of discussion were the mechanisms for an effective inclusion of STI into the universities  and related expectations , as well as co-benefits and risks for the university system .

During the first day of the event, the  official launch of the THA Russian Chapter took place. The Chapter aims to support the interaction among science, represented by the University community, with businesses and the government. The THA Russian Chapter presentation was followed by a second round-table discussion on “The interaction of science and business at the University” .

Tatiana Pospelova , the Executive Director of the Russian THA Chapter, led both the presentation and the second round-table discussion. She presented the action plan of the Chapter, focusing on the support activities for fostering  a closer interaction of science, business and the state , and on the organization of focused research work by mean of THA Thematic Research Groups dealing with  the themes of “Entrepreneurial universities” and “Development of national innovation systems and models” .


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