The Business & Innovation Network Annual Event, November 2015, Porto

 Prof. Ketikidus, President of the THA Greek Chapter, will be the keynote speaker at the event BIN@PORTO 2015 2-4 November, Porto – The Business & Innovation Network Annual Event.

The Business & Innovation Network Annual Event is an exciting networking opportunity for you to connect with academia, Science & Technology Parks, Incubators, tech based firms, Investors, and many others. Participation is free-of-charge including the opportunity to participate in the Technologies Showroom & Business Showcase.

BIN@ is an international network of academic and industry partners engaged and supporting the creation of a sustainable forum for sharing good practice and opportunities in Innovation. It was founded by 3 Universities: Porto, Sheffield and São Paulo. BIN@ has currently over 1600 delegates worldwide and so far we had 5 annual international events, held in Portugal, UK and Brazil. You can learn all about our activities at BIN@’s official website:

BIN@PORTO will be a highly motivating experience with open sessions, debates, focus sessions, action tanks dedicated to different themes so you can choose the innovation topics of special interest, Technologies Showroom & Business Showcase exhibition, a 24h challenge on product design & development, a surprising social programme and many other things.


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Posted byMaria Laura Fornaci
Date2-4 November 2015
LocationPorto, Portugal
Name of institution/organizationTHA Greek Chapter
Contact personAdrian Solomon *email address protected*