The THA Romanian Chapter is supporting the EU Bauhaus initiative

THA Chapter of Romania is currently working on developing a regional think-tank supporting the New European Bauhaus Initiative. The think-tank is focusing on implementing the New European Union Bauhaus Initiative in Eastern Europe and in countries that have difficulties in attracting EU funds focused on R&D and capacity building (skills, competences). The envisioned outcomes of EU’s Bauhaus Initiative delivered via THA Chapter of Romania are: Bring citizens, experts, businesses, and Institutions together and facilitate conversations about making tomorrow’s living spaces more affordable and accessible; Mobilise designers, architects, engineers, scientists, students, and creative minds across disciplines to reimagine sustainable living in Europe and beyond; Strive to improve the quality of our living experience. It will highlight the value of simplicity, functionality, and circularity of materials without compromising the need for comfort and attractiveness in our daily lives; Provide financial support to innovative ideas and products through ad-hoc calls for proposals and through coordinated programs included in the Multi-Annual Financial Framework. Follow to find out more info.

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