The Le@d Project students, educators and managers survey on e-leadership skills

 Le@d3.0 Academy, led by Fondazione ISTUD,  is a project that will establish a long lasting knowledge alliance between academy and industry in order to support the development of Soft eLeadership Skills, much needed in the Digital Age. The project will develop training programmes targeting teachers in Universities, Business Schools and Corporate Academies as well as managers and potential managers.

One of the project’s goal is to IDENTIFY those eLeadership Skills that managers, trainers and students consider more underdeveloped,  and thus requiring priority in future Leadership Development training programmes.

Starting from an e-leadership soft skills taxonomy derived from European and International literature, a set of in depth interviews (over 25 managers and 30 trainers) has been carried out by partners to finalize the skills’ set to focus on. These are the so called “strategic e-leadership skills” (SeLs) and refer not only to transversal skills but also to vertical ones, such as for example the ability of identifying and exploiting innovative business opportunities coming from digitalization.

To identify among these skills the ones to be considered as priority in the development of future Leadership Development training programmes an extensive survey is being carried out, targeted to managers, trainers and students.

Please contribute to the survey by answering to an online questionnaire: it is anonymous, it will take about 10 to 15 minutes only.

Moreover, if you wish to be informed about the project you can subscribe Le@d3.0 quarterly Newsletter.

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