Virtual workshop “Corona as a chance for innovation. We develop solutions for the challenges”



M:UniverCity, the co-creation network associated co-organized by the TH German chapter, organized a virtual workshop “Corona as a chance for innovation. We develop solutions for the challenges”. About 60 participants from science, economy, politics / administration and civil society took part.

At the beginning of the workshop, ten experts from different fields explained the central challenges of their respective fields of work in live impulse pitches. The topics ranged from digitisation in public administration, participation of young people, appreciation of social professions, tourism and the event industry to climate protection.

The individual challenges of the experts were lively discussed in small groups. In the end, the participants agreed on a total of seven central themes on which the co-creation groups will begin their work in the coming weeks.

  • How can digital administrative services for communication between the municipality and society be developed that can be used by all groups in society?
  • How can more participation of young people be achieved, via approaches/methods/tools, to give them a voice even in times of crisis?
  • Opinion forming in times of fake news: How can fake news reflexes be prevented and how can democratic and neutral opinion forming work better?
  • A systemic approach to nursing as a prerequisite for changing the framework conditions in nursing.
  • How can new sustainable business models for the tourism industry, trade fairs & congresses be developed by combining real and virtual experiences?
  • How can commuters be motivated to adopt environmentally friendly behaviour?
  • How can the psychological aspects of the crisis be dealt with?

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