Triple Helix Best Practice series

Prof. Emanuela Todeva
Prof. Panagiotis Ketikidis
Prof. Josep Miquel Piqué Huerta

The Triple Helix Association

ISSN 2612-7717
Triple helix best practices series [Online]
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Call for Practical Cases
Volume 2: Triple Helix for Smart and Resilient Place-Based Development

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Triple Helix Best Practice Series is an annual publication by the Triple Helix Association demonstrating evidence of successful implementation of university-industry-government programs that mobilise multistakeholder coalitions, driving alliances and cooperation agreements across the public and private sector. While different volumes may differ in content and structure, the thrust of individual articles is to capture the voice of Triple Helix practitioners building successful and goal-oriented relationships among Industry-Academia-Government, thus facilitating the transfer and exploitation of knowledge for societal and economic growth. Individual publications in this series are reporting evidence from the “best in class”, who have developed and operationalized effective interaction models and mechanisms bridging across the Triple Helix actors and able to produce concrete results with impact in terms of knowledge transfer and exploitation. Among the target audience and contributors to this series are Triple Helix Practitioners, technology transfer officers, liaison officers, science parks managers and CEOs, techno poles administration, incubators, regional innovation agencies and public or semi-public innovation intermediaries, private consulting firms and innovation actors and intermediaries involved in managing Triple Helix dynamics for knowledge generation and exploitation.


Volume I: The Role of Government / Academia / Industry in Building Innovation-Based Cities and Nations

Editors: Prof. Emanuela Todeva, Prof Abdullah M. Alshamsi, Dr. Adrian Solomon
Year of publication: 2019