Triple Helix Chapter Kazakhstan

Established in November, 2017


Headquartered at Turan University, Almaty


Turan University was established  in 1992 in Almaty to become one of the first educational establishments of the new format – private nonprofit university.  For decades the university has been pioneering new horizons to deliver unique experiences to its students and serve for the benefit of Kazakhstani society. Turan University is committed to implementing the strategy based on  entrepreneurship and innovation agenda taking an active role in contributing to local development  generating entrepreneurial spirit, cognition, and attitudes by integrating specialised courses and modules into academic program, collaborating with external stakeholders, providing opportunities to experience entrepreneurship, supporting business start-ups and disseminating best practices.


The University was the first institution from Kazakhstan to  join THA  later becoming the headquarters for THA Chapter. Its campus hosts students’ business incubators, Enactus team, Founders Office to create entrepreneurial environment empowering future professionals. Currently the university works on building the network of single-minded individuals and organizations that will jointly make efforts towards implementation of the Chapter goals.



Kazakhstan THA Chapter gains authority among the stakeholders of government-business-university interaction by creating adequate conditions for productive dialogue and cooperation that boost innovation and entrepreneurial education and activity.



Kazakhstan THA Chapter contributes to the implementation of mechanisms that support entrepreneurial activity among young people who will increase the proportion of SMEs and bring innovations.



  • promotion of TH concepts at the national level;
  • conduction of research on TH themes and dissemination of results;
  • arrangement of promotional, educational and research dissemination events ;
  • cooperation with innovation technologies parks in creating platforms for innovation and entrepreneurship education;
  • enhancement of HEIs academic impact on the development of university-industry-government interaction;
  • initiation of projects aimed at strengthening practical application of THA concepts.


Download the Kazakhstan Chapter report 2018