Triple Helix Chapter Peru

Established in September 2019

By the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM) which represents 1551 Incubator of Innovative Companies. The UNMSM, founded in May 155, leads the world of Innovation in Peru.

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Peruvian network that promotes and disseminates scientific findings on all aspects of the Triple Helix, of University – Industry – Government relations, promoting the leadership of professionals from government, business, academia and civil society to work together in compliance of its mission to achieve a Knowledge Society and recognize that no actor can tackle systemic issues on his own.


The THA Peru Chapter will provide a platform for all sectors of society to expand their efforts to create the great Knowledge Society in Peru.

Promote production dialogue and cooperation that drives innovation, business education and strengthens university participation in the social and economic development of Peru and the world.

The Peru Chapter has the following operational objectives:

  1. Organize a common discussion framework for different actors; promoting the concepts of Triple Helix.
  2. Development of research projects and multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary activities on Triple Helix issues, disseminating the results in national and international media.
  3. Develop a network among innovation actors, such as technology parks, incubators, government, industries and civil society to develop innovation and entrepreneurship in order to promote the exchange of knowledge for innovation at the local, national and international.
  4. Organize the THA to be an agile entity in its development of the various actions to be carried out.
  5. Expand THA’s participation with active members in the development of the work of the Triple Helix.
  6. Make an alliance with the Spanish-speaking countries of LATAM.


Chapter Coordinator: Ing. Juan Fernan Muñoz Rodríguez, National University of San Marcos