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Programme – 2014-2015



Building on the successful experience of its first web event “Triple Helix for Newbies and How Institutions Can Enhance Effectiveness of TH Relationships”,  organized by Dr Emanuela Todeva on May 29 2014,  during the  Collaborative Workshop on Entrepreneurial University, Engaged Industry & Active Government: Triple Helix Opportunities, Guildford (UK), the Triple Helix Association is launching its inaugural series of webinars.

The webinar programme will focus on emergent topics in the triple helix interface and is designed to promote practical discussion within THA membership community and beyond.

We plan to hold 6 webinars a year starting in November 2014. The first webinars in the series will focus on the topics we identified from our discussions with THA members and include expert talks on:

  1. From the ivory tower to the Entrepreneurial University – 4th NOVEMBER 2014, 6 PM CET – check out the webinar video-recording!
  2. University Rankings, the Triple Helix Model and Webometrics: Opening Pandora’s Box20th FEBRUARY 2015  – check out the webinar video-recording!
  3. Critical success factors in University-Industry collaboration – 5th MAY 2015, 6 PM CET –  check out the webinar video-recording!
  4. Knowledge-based entrepreneurship – 1st JULY 2015, 5 PM CET –  check out the  webinar slides!
  5. Developing innovation ecosystems in the Triple Helix context24th SEPTEMBER  2015, 6 PM CET check out the webinar video-recording!
  6. Evaluation of Entrepreneurial Universities: a macro and micro prospective  – 25th November 2015, 6 PM CET  check out the webinar material!

Each webinar talk will be hosted by an academic and a practitioner to give participants a balanced perspective on the topic. We anticipate a great demand for the series and urge you to reserve your place promptly.

Th.e webinar schedule and speakers will be announced shortly – watch this space!

The webinar series  will be video-recorded and rendered available to THA members on the TH repository

How to register

The annual webinar programme is FREE to the THA organisational members.

THA individual members can participate FREE in the first 3 webinars. To access the entire program individual members can either subscribe a new regular organizational membership (200€) or upgrade their membership to the organizational level by sending an email to: *email address protected*

Non-members are welcome to register to the webinars by joining our Association.

Webinar series Chair

TATIANA SCHOFIELDTatiana Schofield, MSc, MBA, MCIM, Chartered Marketer

Tatiana Schofield is Founder and Managing Director of Synergy lab, an innovation management consultancy specialising in open innovation, knowledge transfer and technology commercialisation.

She held senior management roles at leading universities and professional bodies including the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), Kaplan Professional (part of Washington Post group), London Business School and, most recently, at Imperial College London.

Tatiana’s experience covers university-industry partnerships and bridging research and enterprise, innovation management and technology start-ups.

Tatiana regularly speaks at conferences and runs workshops and lectures on innovation management, open innovation strategies, research commercialisation, entrepreneurship and business skills. In 2012 she took Best Paper Award by SRA International for her research in knowledge transfer and university-industry partnership. Tatiana is currently working with the Triple Helix Association leading the development of the THA webinars series.

Tatiana holds an MBA from Warwick Business School, UK and is a Chartered Marketer and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK.

For additional information:

*email address protected*