Developing innovation ecosystems, 24th September @6 PM CET

Moderator: Tatiana Schofield, Managing Director, Synergy lab

Professor Luiz Márcio SpinosaProfessor Luiz Márcio Spinosa, Dr. ès Sci. Innovation Ecosystems at  

Pontifical Catholic University of Parana. Polytechnic School (Full Professor). Postgraduate Program in Urban Management (Researcher). International MBA in Innovation Management (Coordinator)

Title of topic: Innovation Ecosystems and Knowledge Based Urban Development – An analysis of the Brazilian system 

Definitely innovation in all areas, as well as stimulating innovative entrepreneurship, is a must for Brazil. Currently, only 2% of the entrepreneurship effort in the country can be considered innovative, one of the lowest rates in the world. The seminar aims to present some results of a technical study targeted to the Brazilian context. The study was conducted in the field, in Silicon Valley and Bay Area, based on the University of California, Berkeley, and at the same time in three Brazilian cities: Curitiba, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte. With this study, we identified the main factors that distinguish the Silicon Valley from other parts of the world for the production and innovation. We surveyed the current Brazilian practices from experts, entrepreneurs, scholars, government and non-government organizations. Our study lists some specific recommendations in order to review the present Brazilian public policies. The recommendations aim at fostering a culture for innovation and at building an innovation ecosystem in Brazil. We will explore the liaisons between triple-helix stakeholders and innovation practices.

Celson Pantoja LimaProfessor Celson Pantoja Lima,Visiting Scholar at Industrial Performance Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor at Federal University of Wester Parà, Amazon Region, Brazil. 

Celson is a visiting researcher at the MIT IPC, working on a research project involving IPC expertise and the Brazilian industry. The main focus of the project is to study and assess innovation matters in the Brazilian industry—from supply chains, regional ecosystems, and roles to be played by all stakeholders involved in these scenarios. Additionally, Celson has also been involved in the organization of international conferences, such as CIB 2010 (W78), CIB 2009 & 2007 (W102), ECPPM 2006, CE 2006, CE 2003, PRO-VE 2006, PRO-VE’99. He has published more than 90 papers for journals, conferences, and book chapters.

Title of topic: Fostering the Innovation in Brazil – An Industry Project 

Brazilian industry has launched a country wide initiative aiming at to deploy 26 innovation institutes to provide applied research services. This initiative is head by SENAI (Professional Training Institution) and relies on two international collaboration with Fraunhofer Institute (Germany) and Industrial Performance Center(IPC) from MIT (United States). The former helps SENAI with business strategy & planning matters, the latter is essentially focused on innovation-related issues. IPC’s work, which is the basis of this talk, involves main actors related with innovation in Brazil, which are basically the government (in its several instances and agencies), the academy, and the industry itself. Triple Helix concerns, research framework  and main challenges are to be presented and discussed, briefly.

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