Smart City challenges: collaborative approach from defining a problem to implementing a solution

October 26th, 4 pm CEST Time

Objective of the Webinar

Understand the practical side of TH in the context of Smart Cities: how government, business and academy hold each other’s hands to make the vision come true.

Expected outcomes

At the end of the Webinar, participants will:

Learn the two main Smart Cities concepts (brownfield, greenfield), learn about the academic problem to defining the Smart City, and learn the best cases of developing the Smartest Cities in the world.

Target audience

University members, business players and government officials interested in learning practical information about the smart cities, including case studies.


Main Contents – What Smart City is? Challenges in defining it

– Fundamental factors to defining Smart Cities

– Greenfield vs Brownfield

– Role of TH in Smart City concept

– Greenfield: case study

– Brown field: European cities and different government approaches to making it Smart

Dubai and its place in Smart City classification

Speakers short bio

Anastasia Yarygina, current Open Innovation Business Developer (South Korea) ; former project manager of the development of the innovation ecosystem  in Russia (Moscow State University, Science Park) 

Anastasia specializes in Open Innovation Strategies, Business Development and Smart City theory.

Anastasia’s mission is in connecting new hi-tech ideas with business reality and converting it into tangible outcomes. She is directly involved in collaboration with hi-tech startups, looking for the disruptive solutions in mobility and Smart City areas.
Originally from Moscow, she started her carrier in 2009 with the development of the innovation ecosystem of Moscow and was building connection and establishing collaboration between university and business.  Since 2012 she lives in South Korea where she realizes her passion to making the world smart and efficient with one of the biggest global automotive players.
Anastasia has MBA degree and graduated with honors as a Master of Science in Innovation Management.

She is an author of several publications and a book about the role of universities in innovation ecosystems.


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